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Dr. Henna Oza Dey

Dr. Henna Dey

Certified Psychotherapist, Psychologist & Counsellor 

Henna is extremely caring and compassionate towards people from all walks of life. She has a good experience in grief counseling in people of all ages. She well understands that what works for one may not work for others. With her excellent communication skills both orally and written, She has the ability to work with others such as doctors families or other psychologists. She is known for being organized and thorough in all her reports and analyses.

With over five years of experience in a wide range of clinical and therapeutic environments, Her areas of expertise  includes ‘Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy’, which also includes patient assessment, adolescent counseling, and addiction-related intervention and behavior modification. She is an Experienced crisis counselor and crisis intervention expert.

” Every individual is unique. It is important to understand that each human being is different by nature and so his/her needs are different too. As a Pyschologist, my job is to understand the problem which hinders the day today functionality of that person. And accordingly use the treatment methods to bring upon soothing solutions. “

– Dr. Henna Dey


My Approach & Values

I believe that you deserve a therapist who is not only professional and expertly trained, but one who is also motivated by a genuine desire to help you. I believe in saving marriages, in restoring relationships, in individual dignity and the equal value of all people no matter who you are, in personal wellness, in the value of mothers and fathers in the lives of children, in forgiveness, in personal responsibility, in healing people so that they no longer need counseling (and sometimes even medication), and in safe, non-judgmental therapy. I believe in resolving the underlying problems that lead to depression, anxiety, and other emotional and physiological issues. While medication may be a necessary part of an individual’s process to wellness, where possible, we work to free the client from the problems that medication has been prescribed to address. This results in the client requiring less or no medication and not becoming dependent on counselling.

My Experience

  • Psychologist, 03/2015 to 03/2016
          Dr Nirmala Rao – Mumbai, Maharastra
  • Psychologist03/2015 to Current
          CMC – Mumbai, Maharastra
  • Couple Counseling Zone, 05/2016 to Current
          Working as a virtual psychotherapits consultant.

My Education

  • Masters : Pyschology
          Mumbai University – Mumbai, Maharastra
  • PhD.: Pyschology-English.
          DAVV – Indore, MP
  • Albert Ellis Institute, N.Y., REBT Counseling Therapy:
          Advanced level International Certification.
  • Albert Ellis Institute: Relationship Counseling certification.

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Individual Therapy

Every individual is unique. It is important to understand that each human being is different by nature and so his/her needs are different too.

Couples Therapy

Strengthen your partnership and gain a better understanding of each other Regardless of sexual orientation or marriage status.

Family Therapy

Revive the understanding and collaboration among family members in order to solve the problems of one or more individuals.

" By far the best counsellor the city has! Deep knowledge of her subject and caring attitude makes her unique. Her skills are excellent. Highly recommended!! "

Preeti Shukla

" I'm thankful to Dr Henna. She has changed my life. I don't have more words to express my feelings, but for me, she brought miracles in my life. "

Roshni Ambani

" Very professional. Excellent with teenage emotions and their issues. "

Anuya Bhiwapurkar

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